Getting Started in Your BVSD Online Course using Fuel Education:

Please review our BVSD Online Policies and Student Responsibilities. By taking a BVSD Online course, you agree to abide by these policies, so please review them carefully. Note that your course which is provided by FuelEducation (FuelEd) will also have a policy agreement related to working in their system. This will be explained in the introduction section of your course.

Review Course Start and End Dates on our Course Dates and Deadlines page.

Welcome BVSD Online Student:

In order to begin your course, check you BVSD email account for an email from "”.

  • This email will contain your course enrollment information and your login credentials. 
    • We recommend bookmarking the login site for easy access. 
  • Review the Step-by-step Instruction Guide to Starting FuelEd Courses  to help you to get started successfully.  
  • Please login immediately to confirm access. 
  • FuelEd courses are not NCAA approved, so they will NOT count toward eligibility requirements if you plan to play sports at an NCAA college. Visit the NCAA website and check with your school counselor if you have more questions.

What you need to know:


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Don't wait to ask questions!

A team of qualified, real, live people have been put together to support you throughout your course(s). Below is a list of the people who can help you along the way:

  • Teacher: You can find your teacher's contact information within your course. Your teacher can answer questions about course content, test resets, and basic course questions or issues. 
  • Technical Help: Visit the Trouble Shooting Technology Page for more information about technology use, helpful tips, and how to correct issues that may arise
  • BVSD Online Staff: Please email if you have additional questions that could not be answered by your teacher or tech support. 


Drops and Refund Requests:

  • Please go to our Drop a Course or Request a Refund Page.
  • If a refund is due, once processed you will receive an email confirmation of your full or partial refund.
  • Please allow 10-14 business days for processing.