High School Course Offerings



In the course offerings below, two-semester courses show A (1st semester) and B (2nd semester) options. Please note, some courses may require additional materials to be purchased.

Advanced Placement (AP)

World Languages

Registration for these courses is limited to one at a time due to the amount of hours required to complete. 

Full Semester Courses

GPA Boost

GPA Boost courses can improve a student's GPA in these ways:

  • If students have previously taken the same exact course the lower grade will receive caret (^) and only the higher grade will be factored into the GPA.
  • If students have previously taken a higher level course, the grades from both courses will be factored into the GPA.

Credit Recovery

To be eligible for Credit Recovery courses students must:

  • Have completed the same or higher level course
  • Earned a failing grade or no credit
  • Have less than 26 absences

Full semester courses are available to those who do not meet these requirements.

Courses are taught by BVSD teachers and content is provided by an outside vendor (Stride Learning Solutions).

Note to Student-athletes seeking future NCAA eligibility:

  • For information on which courses qualify for NCAA eligibility please visit your school’s List of Core Courses on the NCAA site.
  • Search for your BVSD school’s name and then view the approved course list.
  • Note that BVSD Online Courses that begin with the prefix “OO” or “CRO” do not count for NCAA initial eligibility purposes.
  • Any questions regarding NCAA approved courses should be brought to your home school counselor's attention.