What Are The Courses Like?

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Demonstration links provide access to DEMONSTRATION COURSES ONLY

  • For security reasons, tests and quizzes are not the actual tests and quizzes in the course.

Please do not attempt to purchase courses directly through any vendor. Actual courses are to be Registered and Paid for through BVSD Online and will start on the specific Dates listed.

Course Details

  • Courses are the same as a semester classroom courses but in an online format. 
  • Courses include reading, assignments, quizzes and tests.
  • Many courses are two semesters long consisting of an A and B semester. Traditionally in brick and mortar schools, the A semester is in the fall, and the B semester is in the spring. When taking a BVSD Online class, A and B can be taken at any time of year.
  • Average hours to complete a non-AP course is 70-80 hours. AP courses may take 80-100 hours.
  • Students are limited to taking one course at a time without counselor approval. 
  • A majority of these courses are accessed through Schoology. Certain courses and all AP courses are accessed through our vendor partners.


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