BVSD Online Policies

Student Responsibilities:

Drops and Refund Policy:

  • Courses that have not yet been paid for can be dropped by returning to registration application located on the Register for Courses page.
  • After payment has been made, families can request a drop/refund by completing our Drop/refund Request Form.
  • Drop/refund requests will be processed according to the drop windows/dates listed below for each term.
  • If a refund is due, once processed you will receive an email confirmation of your full or partial refund.
  • Please allow 10-14 business days for processing.

Grading Policies:

  • All courses taken with BVSD Online get transcribed to the BVSD transcript.
    • Passing grades will be recorded as letter grades ‘A’ - ‘D’.
    • Failing grades for Full semester courses receive an 'F'.
  • Repeating courses will not remove any previously take courses from your transcript.

IEP/504 Accomodations:

The BVSD Online Program strives to support all BVSD Online students in successfully completing online courses.In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, all students actively enrolled in a BVSD school may participate in the BVSD Online Supplemental Program.

  • BVSD Online is a supplemental program and therefore does not provide IEP/504 services/instruction, however, many accommodations are built-into the online learning environment.
  • Examples of common accommodations and how they are met within the online learning environment can be reviewed in the Online Accommodations below:
    • This list is intended to provide students/parents with information for making an informed decision as to whether BVSD Online courses are appropriate for the student’s learning.

It is the responsibility of the student/parent/guardian to communicate any concerns or requests with the BVSD Online by emailing prior to the start of the course.

  • Communication is expected from the student/parent to the teacher and/or Admissions Officer as questions or concerns arise throughout the student’s course enrollment.