Course Information

BVSD Online

BVSD Online is a supplemental program providing BVSD enrolled students the opportunity to take one to two additional courses along with their regular full-time enrollment. All courses require:

  • Independent study
  • Self-paced online work
  • Effective time management

Courses are accessible 24/7 wherever internet access and a connected device are available. Online teachers support students through each course, but there are no physical classrooms or in-person sessions to attend.  

Course Details

  • Courses are the same as a semester classroom courses but in an online format. 
  • Courses include reading, assignments, quizzes and tests.
  • Many courses are two semesters long consisting of an A and B semester. Traditionally in brick and mortar schools, the A semester is in the fall, and the B semester is in the spring. When taking a BVSD Online class, A and B can be taken at any time of year.
  • Average hours to complete a non-AP course is 70-80 hours. AP courses may take 80-100 hours.
  • Students are limited to taking one course at a time without counselor approval. 
  • A majority of these courses are accessed through Schoology. Certain courses and all AP courses are accessed through our vendor partners.