BVSD Online vs. Boulder Universal Online School

BVSD Online vs Boulder Universal

BVSD Online and Boulder Universal are two separate programs in different departments that address different student needs. See below a comparison of both programs:

Program overview

BVSD Online is a supplemental program. Courses provide an opportunity to either catch up on missing courses, improve grades, or get ahead with additional courses. Boulder Universal is an online school comparable to BVSD brick and mortar schools. Enrolled students have access to courses online that meet the same graduation requirements as other school courses do.

Which students are eligible?

Any BVSD middle school or high school student currently enrolled in a BVSD brick and mortar school. K-12 students living within the BVSD boundaries.

Who teaches the classes?

Courses are taught by either BVSD teachers or Colorado Certified teachers provided through vendor partners. 100% of BU college preparatory courses are developed and taught by BVSD teachers that are locally based.

How are classes paced?

Online courses are self-paced (asynchronous), but have deadlines within each semester. Online courses are held live (synchronous) at set times.

How can I learn more?

Call:  (720)561-5580

Call:  (720)561-5500