The Difference between BVSD Online and Boulder Universal Online School

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BVSD Online is a supplemental program. This program is available to any BVSD middle school or high school enrolled student. Courses provide students an opportunity to either catch-up on missing courses, improve grades of D or F, or get ahead with additional courses. 

  • Courses taken must be in "addition to" the school schedule, not act as "replacement to" the required full-time enrollment at their BVSD School.
  • Courses are available during the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.
  • Families are required to register and pay for these additional courses.
  • Courses follow a defined term with a specified start and end date.
    • Terms are slightly shorter than the school semester.
  • Students should consult their school counselor before registering.
  • Grades are recorded on the student's Boulder Valley School District cumulative transcript.

The BVSD Online Program is not a school and is not available to students who are not enrolled at a BVSD school.

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Boulder Universal K-12 Online School enrolled students have access to courses online that meet the same graduation requirements as the brick and mortar schools courses do. Students follow a weekly deadline schedule. Options include full time enrollment or a hybrid enrollment secondary to their primary school. 

Flexible online schedules serve a wide variety of students: 

  • Students with an online preference
  • Students with individualized learning needs
  • Homeschooled students
  • Student athletes, student performers, musicians or singers 
  • Student entrepreneurs or those pursuing other professional lifestyles

Interested families should visit the Enrollments Department Website. For more information visit

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